Abbasso le barriere elettroniche



Abbasso le barriere elettroniche: la Commissione UE interviene sui servizi pubblici dentro e tra gli Stati


In vigore il Decreto competitività per le imprese e per l’agricoltura



AgevoBLOG – La piazza dei finanziamenti pubblici: In vigore il Decreto competitività per le imprese e per l’agricoltura.

Horizon 2020 – And then there were four … Israel joins H2020


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Israel has now joined the growing list of countries to have concluded an association agreement to allow it to participate fully in Horizon 2020. The agreement does have certain restrictions, as the agreement respects pre-1967 borders. This means that entities based in the Occupied Territories (Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank including East Jerusalem) are not able to participate.

As with other countries with association agreements (Norway, Iceland and Turkey), this now means that eligible Israeli partners can participate on an even footing with EU Member States.

In practical terms this means organisations from Israel can participate in and lead proposals on a funded-basis and that partners from Israel count towards the minimum requirements for consortium. The decision is applied retrospectively from the start of Horizon 2020, so will apply to any proposals that are currently being reviewed.

The Commission have issued FAQs designed to provide more information and these are…

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Horizon 2020 ICT Proposers’ Day – Networking for ICT Researchers


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The European Commission’s DG CONNECT have now opened registration for an information and networking event to be held in Florence in October 2014. The ‘Proposers’ Day’ will combine networking sessions (where you can pitch your project ideas) with information sessions on preparing and submitting proposals. It’s also likely that there will be a number of satellite workshops in the build-up to the main event.

The event will focus on priorities for the 2015 Calls for Proposals across the Horizon 2020 Programme and will attract researchers with interest in a range of topics such as robotics, e-Government, digital representations of health data, Big Data and cyber security. The event website gives a list of the topics that are included and you can register here.

As ever, if you’re thinking of attending we’d love to hear from you ( The feedback we’ve had is that these events are really useful, so we’d advise you to book early!

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In Focus: Energy Security



Will the people of Europe have difficulty to keep warm this winter? Recent events in Ukraine have highlighted the weakness of the EU’s current energy supply arrangements. This week we take a look at the issue, the alternatives, and the possible actions to be taken.

The importance of a secure energy supply to the EU was brought to the fore on 16 June when Russia stopped supplying gas to Ukraine – a move that also threatens to reduce the flow of Russian gas to the EU. To provide you with the whole picture, we are just finalizing our keysource on Gazprom and Russian gas.

The EU remains dependent on energy imports

But, why do we need Russian gas, you might ask. Almost half of the energy used in the EU is produced by EU Member States. For the other half, the EU depends on imports, which make up two thirds…

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“If the job market doesn’t exist, then even the most brilliant Youth Guarantee cannot ensure a job to these young people”, European Youth Forum Secretary General Giuseppe Porcaro on another Sting Exclusive


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Giuseppe_Porcaro Giuseppe Porcaro’s exclusive interview with Panos Katsampanis at the Sting’s pavilion during EBS 2014

This revealing exclusive interview with Giuseppe Porcaro, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum, was conducted by Panos Katsampanis at the European Sting’s pavilion during European Business Summit 2014. In the following interview Panos Katsampanis will be signalled as P.K and Mr Porcaro as G.P.

P.K.: We are pleased to welcome to the European Sting’s pavilion Mr Giuseppe Porcaro, Secretary General of the European Youth Forum. Hello Giuseppe. What do you think about this year’s EBS?

G.P.: It is extremely interesting; a lot of people, a lot of speakers; I think this is at a crucial moment, just before the European elections; very interesting discussions.

P.K.: Thank you very much Giuseppe for acception to talk to us about European youth. We have prepared some questions for you about youth education, employment and unemployment. Before I go to the questions, I would…

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EUrOPA PROMpT: EU funding OPportunities and PROject Management Tips

eye-logo erasmusObjectives

The overall objective of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme is to enhance entrepreneurship, develop the international outlook and competitiveness of European  SMEs and foster potential start-up entrepreneurs and newly-established micro and small  enterprises in the Participating Countries.

The purpose of the call is to select bodies which will act as Intermediary  Organisations (IOs) to implement the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme at  local level. They will, in particular, recruit and assist the entrepreneurs who will benefit from the programme. This call will therefore support actions of organisations enhancing  and facilitating the mobility of new entrepreneurs, and is not intended for entrepreneurs willing to participate in the programme.

The Intermediary Organisations will be required to cooperate with all other organisations  and authorities involved in the mobility programme, enabling new entrepreneurs to take  part in mobility activities as agreed. They will receive support from the existing Support  Office (SO), which…

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